Weatherization WorksIf your home HAS NOT been weatherized in the last 10 years, SUMMER WEATHERIZATION applications are available by contacting the HRC Office at 728-3710.

Energy Conservation measures must pay for themselves in energy savings to the client. An energy audit will determine which measures will provide the highest level of cost savings.  Weatherization involves several visits by trained staff to the home to determine which measures are right for that unit, to install cost-saving measures and to inspect the job to insure quality.

Household must be income eligible for LIEAP.  Priority list developed from eligible LIEAP household list, prioritized by energy burden.  HRC installs energy conservation measures on around 300 homes each year.

What to Expect During the Weatherization Process:

The auditor will come to your home at a scheduled date/time. Several diagnostic tests will be performs (air quality and pressure tests).  The windows, doors adn insulation levels will be checked.  The Auditor will go through an Energy ssessment Questionnaire with you.  You will receive a list of of measures that will be installed in your home.  One of our heating contractors will call you to schedule an appointment for a safety inspection and tune up of your furnace.  If supplies need to be ordered, they will take 4 to 6 weeks to arrive.  The Scheduler will contact you to schedule a date and time for the production crew to install the weatherization measures.  If any other contractors are needed they will contact you to schedule an appointment.  After completion, a final inspection will be scheduled to inspect the work of our crews and contractors.

Once you are found elgible for the LIEAP/Weatherization Program you can receive infiltration and energy efficiency weatherization materials at no cost to you, that you must install yourself.  You may view a Materials List here (PDF).

Call 728-3710 to check eligibility and/or position on the priority list and discuss program details.

RESOURCES: - The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Weatherization Plus Health initiative is a national effort to enable local providers ofweatherization-plus-health low-income energy, health, and safety services to work together efficiently and effectively. Download the Weatherization Plus Health Fact Sheet (PDF, 882 KB)



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