The Human Resource Council (HRC) is a non-profit corporation established as a result of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964. We are one of ten Human Resource Development Councils who partner together to serve the entire state of Montana in twelve districts. We are District Eleven which is made up of Mineral, Missoula and Ravalli Counties. Each year almost 10,000 low-income individuals in these three counties are positively impacted by our efforts.

HRC is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors drawn one-third each from the private, public and low-income sectors of the three county community. The diversity of its membership ensures that a variety of perspectives are applied toward finding solutions to the problems facing the people we serve and for whom we advocate.

We partner with other Human Resource Development Councils, community service organizations, and public interest groups to focus available local, state, private and federal resources to the needs of the low-income community. We are serious about making the entire community more responsive to the needs of those Montanans who face poverty daily.

We work to identify and expand resources to provide opportunities in housing, health, education, training and employment. Since 1965 we have addressed and help meet the unmet needs of people in these three counties and the State. We have adjusted our focus as changing needs come to the forefront.

This HRC has hosted Head Start in both Missoula and Ravalli Counties; and applauded each as they grew into self-administered single entity non-profit corporations. We have been involved with youth education, skills and employment for nearly five decades.

HRC was instrumental in getting local and state government respectively to sponsor and authorize a Housing Authority for the City of Missoula. When HUD legislation created rental assistance, HRC contracted with the Department of Commerce to bring it to our three counties. Safe, affordable, energy efficient housing has long been, and remains a focal point for the corporation. Intervention on our part before the Montana Public Service Commission on behalf of residential rate payers resulted in the adoption of an inverted rate structure and a 15% year-round discount from Northwestern Energy for LIEAP eligible households, and a low-income residential weatherization program.

HRC was the first 2-1-1 telephone information and referral program in the State of Montana.

District XI Human Resource Council, Inc.

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